Give Your Winnipeg Basement The Facelift Renovation That It Needs

Your basement doesn’t have to be a dank, dark dungeon where neither man nor beast dare tread. At KAT Reno, our basement renovations and refinishing services can transform your neglected basement into a sparkling centrepiece of your home. Instead of remaining musty and unused, your basement has the potential to increase not only your quality of life, but also the financial value of your property. There are as many reasons to renovate your basement as there are Winnipeg basement renovation contractors to choose from, and our experienced team of qualified technicians can handle them all, allowing you to live, work, and play in your basement.



Bedroom and Bathroom: Whether you plan to use them only for visitors or for a more permanent guest, KAT Reno can design, build, and install custom bedrooms and bathrooms. With over 45 years of experience in home renovation, we can create a dazzling oasis in your basement for your guests, or maybe just for you when you need some time to reflect. A luxurious bedroom with ensuite bathroom can provide ultimate comfort and privacy.

Laundry Area: Nobody really enjoys doing laundry, but you can make the process less of a chore with a completely finished, fully stocked laundry room area. We can install cabinets and countertops to provide extra space for folding laundry and repairing clothes, or we can establish dedicated areas for sewing and ironing. We will optimize the lighting to your specifications and incorporate any natural light shining through your basement windows.



Home Office: These days, many businesses allow their employees to telecommute from the comfort of home. If your existing workspace is feeling cramped and uncomfortable, turn your unfinished basement renovations into a spacious home office worthy of a VIP executive. Tucked away from the distractions of family life, you can maximize your productivity by remaining focused on the task at hand. For informal in-person meetings, add an adjacent lounge with comfortable chairs, coffee table, and functional kitchenette to host clients and colleagues.

Home Gym: How many times have you promised yourself that you would try to hit the gym more regularly? If you can’t make it to the gym, bring the gym to you by transforming your basement into a home exercise area. At KAT Reno, we can refinish the room and install custom flooring designed to withstand weights, treadmills, and other heavy equipment. We can mount your television on the wall and integrate your audiovisual system to provide a range of options from TV to music to plain old peace and quiet while you’re warming up, working out, and cooling down.



Family Room: Once you are finished work for the day, reconnect with your clan in the warm confines of your new luxurious basement family room. At KAT Reno, we work with you every step of the way to determine desired lighting levels, dedicated areas, and other amenities that will enhance the room’s atmosphere.

Basement Bar: For less family-oriented activities, installing a fully functional bar in your basement will ensure that your home is always the place to be among your friends. To amp up the barroom vibe, add a pool table and a jukebox programmed to play your favourite tunes. High stools and a TV behind the bar will complete the picture and guarantee that your newly renovated basement will never be empty.


Customer Satisfaction: Guaranteed


For nearly half a century, KAT Reno has been delivering exceptional quality and customer service in the field of home improvement and basement renovations. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction, attention to detail, and dedication to finishing our projects properly and efficiently the first time. Keep in mind that basement renovations can take up to two months to complete, depending on the size and scale of the project, but our licensed, insured, and expertly trained technicians strive to make the process as painless as possible. To prove how confident we are in the high caliber of our workmanship, we always provide a full written warranty. At KAT Reno, we can transform your unfinished or deteriorated basement into your home’s most valuable asset.


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